Integration of Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit

Belle’s offers a truly holistic approach to integration of body, heart, mind & spirit for optimal health, wellness and happiness. Using a compassionate and intuitive approach, Belle specialises in life limiting conditions including major illness such as cancer, women’s health issues, infertility, grief, bereavement, anxiety and depression. Belle’s therapeutic approach is informed by her 30+ years experience as a healthcare professional and over 14 years of counselling experience. She is an accredited Master’s prepared counsellor and Yoga Therapist. Belle draws upon therapeutic modalities that go beyond ‘talk therapy’  including Yoga-based Psychotherapies such as Integral Yoga Psychology & Trauma Sensitive Yoga Psychotherapy.

Integral Yoga Psychology is essentially soul or innate wisdom centred in that we believe amidst the struggles and challenges of life there is within us all a quiet & wise voice. A guiding light that can illumine our way and help us evolve to a more insightful, centred & peaceful consciousness. The therapeutic approach includes practices such as mindfulness, meditation and breathwork (known as pranayama in yoga). These are very practical ancient tools with much support in contemporary research for challenges such as depression, stress, anxiety, pain management, grief, addiction & coping with illness to name a few. Although Belle appreciates the value of “talk therapy” she also feels that these practical tools for self-empowerment are an essential component of therapy for optimal outcomes.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Psychotherapy is a body centred approach to healing trauma. We know trauma is held in the body and it is in the body that healing needs to take place. This approach very, very gently helps one experience the body in the present moment thereby encouraging healing from past trauma. Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Psychotherapy is validated by scientific research as an effective means of healing.

Belle is a Master’s Prepared  Counsellor with over 14 years of professional counselling experience underpinned by 30 years as a Registered Nurse. Her extensive background in women’s health stretches back to 1986 including counselling on issues related to fertility issues and pregnancy loss during her 15 years working as a Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Nurse Specialist. Belle’s interest in cancer and bereavement counselling follows from an 11 year association with Cancer Care Centre in Unley, South Australia.  Her particular interest in Yoga-based Psychotherapy & other traditions of Mindfulness practices stems from an appreciation of the depth of wisdom & the practical tools these ancient traditions offer for our modern struggles. 


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