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Naturopath practitioners understand how cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can adversely affect aspects of an individual’s health and wellbeing. While we understand that these treatments are important, we also give high regard to a patient’s well being outside of the chemotherapy or radiotherapy scope. Belle McCaleb is an experienced cancer naturopath supporter, with decades experience in successfully providing supportive care to cancer patients. McCaleb Health clinic offers natural medicine care, counselling, and yoga therapy that help to constitute a truly holistic approach to maintaining physical, emotional and psychological health. We do so by offering herbal treatments, dietary supplements, physical therapy, meditation, and lifestyle counselling. Email us today at mccalebhealth@ihug.com.au or call us on 08 8397 0220 to book a consultation. Alternatively, you may visit our clinic, 30 Craighill Road at the corner of Purnana Avenue, St. Georges, SA.

Holistic Approach in Cancer Naturopath Support Treatment

For more than a decade, Belle McCaleb’s practice has been focused on providing cancer naturopath support. She has been in the medical field for more than 30 years and specialises in natural medicine to address a variety of health conditions. Her expertise in the fields of nursing, herbal medicine, counselling, and yoga therapy allows her to provide a holistic treatment, keeping the body, mind, and spirit sound during grueling cancer treatments. She is dedicated to helping patients cope with the numerous side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy and manages this through nutritional and herbal treatments, in addition to yoga therapy and medication. With her extensive experience as a registered nurse, she knows how to properly prescribe the correct herbal treatments that assist with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She also provides your chemotherapy specialist with a detailed outline of your naturopathy support program to ensure they are also aware.

Cancer Naturopath Support for A Naturally Sound Mind, Body, and Soul

Here at McCaleb Health, we recognise how much a cancer diagnosis can impact an individuals physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. That is why we are dedicated to providing the best supportive care we can give. Belle McCaleb has been the consultant naturopath and a counsellor for a local South Australian cancer support organisation for 7 years. She has years of experience and understands just how tough it is to go through the long process of treatment and recovery. Due to this, she dedicates her time in providing supportive cancer naturopath treatment support and recovery plans by developing lifestyle changes. Belle McCaleb combines her expertise in naturopathy, herbal medicine, nursing, counselling, yoga therapy and meditation in order to provide a holistic approach, personalised to every patient’s needs, conditions, and lifestyle.

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